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The Nashua House Hotel on Martha's Vineyard

Driving Directions From The Steamship Authority Ferry Dock In Vineyard Haven To The Nashua House Hotel In Oak Bluffs (downloading map from this page will be very helpful).

  1. Exit the Steamship Authority (ferry) parking lot, turning left, and stay in left hand lane. Travel 500 feet to Stop Sign.
  2. At Stop Sign, bear softly left onto Beach Road ( a sharp left will lead you down a one block long dead end road back toward the harbor).  
  3. Travel 1.4 miles along Beach Road. At the 1.4 mile mark, you will come to a fork in the road wherein you can go straight or turn left. Turn Left (look for sign and arrow to left pointing to Oak Bluffs). 
  4. Travel an additional 1.5 miles into Oak Bluffs. As you enter Oak Bluffs you will see the Oak Bluffs Harbor on your left. At the far end of the harbor, get in the right hand lane and take the next right, up the main street of town, which is Circuit Avenue. It is a busy One-Way street  and looks like a main street.
  5. Travel 1/4 mile up Circuit Avenue and take a hairpin turn to the left at your first opportunity.
  6. Tavel one block and bear left. You are now traveling parallel to, and in the opposite direction, as when you were on Circuit Avenue. You are now on Kennebec Avenue. It is a One-Way street.
  7. Travel one block and stop at Stop Sign. Your are now at the intersection of Kennebec Ave. and David Healy Way.The Nashua House Hotel is the three-story, cream colored building with green trim on your right. Turn right at this Stop Sign and look for on-street parking.
  8. Welcome!

Driving Instructions From Steamship Authority (Ferry) Terminal In Oak Bluffs To The Nashua House Hotel In Oak Bluffs.

  1.   As you exit the Steamship Authority Ferry Dock in Oak Bluffs, proceed straight through the immediate intersection and get into the left hand lane. Travel 500 feet and be in the left hand turn lane, which bends gently left.
  2. Cross Lake Avenue and proceed up Circuit Avenue, the main street in town. Circuit Avenue is one way. Notice the Island Movie Theatre on the corner on your right as you begin proceeding up Circuit Avenue.
  3. Travel up Circuit Avenue 1/4 mile and make a hairpin left-hand turn at your first opportunity. Travel one short block and bear left.
  4. You are now on Kennebec Avenue, the street the Nashua House Hotel is on. It is a one way street going in the opposite direction of, and parallel to, Circuit Avenue, the road you were just on. Travel one block to the Stop Sign. You are now at the intersection  of Kennebec Avenue and David Healy Way. The Nashua House Hotel is on your right. Turn right at the Stop Sign and look for on-street parking.
  5. Welcome!

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