Coffee & Dining

Foodie gems & killer lobster rolls

Well, you're here in New England after all, so there's that, and so yes, there is seafood o-plenty available here on Martha's Vineyard and we would be happy to recommend the best place to get whatever your seafood-craving heart desires. You want to sit on the beach and eat a lobster dinner with an ear of corn, a cup of clam chowder, and a stuffed quahog while enjoying a million-dollar sunset? Any local will tell you to go to Menemsha for that. You want a lobster roll served by god-fearing christians in a church function hall available Friday evenings only from 4:30-7:00? That would be Grace Church Parish, Vineyard Haven. How about the most sublime plate of fish and chips you've ever had? That would be available everywhere (trick question!), though one of our favorites spots for fish and chips is Offshore Ale.

On the other hand, you want a Fried Green Tomato BLT like you've never had in your life? Go to the Slice of Life Cafe, Oak Bluffs. You want to sit at a breakfast counter with local fishermen (and a few people who likely haven't been to bed yet) at 5:30 in the morning and eat food from a griddle? Dock Street Diner, Edgartown. How about an always outstanding any-meal-of-the-day with a water view at the epicenter of the Black Dog empire? That would be the Black Dog Tavern on Beach Street Extension, Vineyard Haven. Or maybe you you want a to-go bag of fried clams like everyone one who's ever been here has told you to be on the lookout for. there's only one place for that: Giordano's, Oak Bluffs.

For your edification and enjoyment, below are a few of our favorite things...  (This list is under construction as of July 29, 2017. More tomorrow...)

Breakfast: Linda Jeans/Oak Bluffs. Biscuits/Oak Bluffs. Slice of Life/Oak Bluffs. Right Fork Diner/Katama (Edgartown). Artcliff Diner/Vineyard Haven. Black Dog Tavern/Vineyard Haven.
Fancier: Atria/Edgartown. Alchemy/Edgartown.
Fanciest:. l'etoile/Edgartown.
Amazing lunch: Farm Neck Cafe/Oak Bluffs. Black Dog Tavern/Vineyard Haven. Offshore Ale/Vineyard Haven. Slice of Life Cafe/Oak Bluffs.
Amazing anytime: Slice of Life Cafe. Farm Neck Cafe. 
Cocktails: Alchemy/Edgartown. Atria/Edgartown/ 
Water view: Nancy's. Harborview Hotel/Edgartown. 
Coffee/baked goods: Espresso Love/Edgartown. Behind the Bookstore/Edgartown. Cafe Gourmet Bakery/aka Back Door Donuts/Oak Bluffs. 
Ben Deforest: Red Cat Kitchen/Oak Bluffs. The Ritz/Oak Bluffs. Always excellent.
Doug Abdelanour: Nancy's/Oak Bluffs. 20 x 9/oak Bluffs. Down Under/Oak Bluffs. Always excellent.
Up-Island/West Tisbury/Chilmark/Aquinnah: 7a/West Tisbury. Chilmark Tavern/Chilmark. Outermost Inn/Aquinnah. Cliffhangers/Gay Head Cliffs.
Family Italian: Girodano's.